it's all about our lovely Shiba-Inu:

GO JIDAI NO CHOUJI kennel is located in Ukraine (Kyiv region), one of the most picturesque countries from Eastern Europe. - Ukraine (Kyiv).  It was founded in 2014. We have only the best dog and there is a guarantee that you buy an elite Shiba Inu for sale puppy with an excellent pedigree.


T: +38 067 565-56-33  

Ukraine Украина

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This site shiba inu breeding kennel from Ukraine (Kiev). Here you can buy a pedigree puppy of the Japanese Shiba Inu.A recent newcomer from Japan, the Shiba Inu is a tidy dog that shows every sign of becoming very popular. Shiba literally japanese means ‘small dog’ and, ideally, this breed should look like a relations of the Akita. Shibas originate in the mountainous areas of Japan, their work being that of a hunting dog, mainly of ground game, though they are occasionally called on to help hunters track  larger game. A very alert, Shiba Inu, he gives the impression of being interested in everything going on around him. His size makes him ideal as a pet. In Japan Shiba is one of the most popular dogs. On first sight, one expects that he could be a somewhat yappy animal, but in fact he tends to watch and study rather than shout the odds. The thick, dense undercoat keeps him very warm and copes with rain very impressive. Colour most of the specimens seen here are red, but the standard also allows him to be ‘red sesame’ or 'black and tan'.

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